A long long time ago

1970’s Head Lice

On a Sunday afternoon in the mid-seventies a woman named Mo sat in our lounge. She had an impressive afro of dark, course, frizzy hair. The wiry mass was restrained by a maroon, fashionably crocheted and holey cap. Mo poked her long, bony finger in the holes to scratch her scalp whenever and wherever it… Continue reading 1970’s Head Lice

tarot tidbits

Taming The Beast – Tarot Tidbit #8

We snarl at the world, bare our teeth, bite off people's heads, lie in a corner licking our wounds, claw our way to the top. And what's in the belly of the beast, making us cantankerous and dangerous? Pain. People Are Irritating Nincompoops. Make them go away (roar). The best course of action when faced… Continue reading Taming The Beast – Tarot Tidbit #8

Truth Be Told

Musical Hearts

Here it is! Ka-doof ka-doof...music to match our hearts. Listen to/watch the mixed tape. Remember those? We'd spend hours - hours - recording a mixed bag of music onto a cassette tape? (If you haven't read the sister post you can do so in a heartbeat; it's short). ALUMINIUM Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) by… Continue reading Musical Hearts