Which Bedchamber Is Yours?

For my darling, regal Followers (and anyone else who might stumble upon this post and into our Kingdom) I have a gift – I’m doing this now to celebrate two weeks of blogging and because my fledgling blog allows for it: I won’t be biting off more than I can daintily chew.

I want to have the pleasure of directing you to your bedchamber in The Four Tarot Castles.

Once you’ve claimed your gift (see the form at the very bottom of this post), you can sprint into the right castle and know precisely which large and ostentatious bedchamber you may claim as your own. Oi! Don’t skip to the end…you’ll miss some royal gossip and tips for fitting right in.


You need to know a bit about life in each castle:

There are four castles in the Tarot Kingdom. Each houses, in grand style, a nicely balanced family of four – King, Queen, Prince, Princess. In some cases they are referred to as King, Queen, Knight, Page (or some variation thereof) but in our Kingdom the Knight and Page are a Prince and Princess.

I’ve dubbed the four royal families the Money, Honey, Funny and Sunny royals. We’ll take a peek at each family as if we’re visiting (you’re not one of them…yet)

The Money Family (Pentacles, Coins):

know precisely how much they have in their coffers, what the estate is providing in revenue and who they need to take care of. They’re brilliant at looking after the practical, tangible, real, earthy aspects of life.

They have an extra plate at the long table for unexpected and heartily welcomed visitors and expect you to be at dinner no matter how much you wish to escape the very, very thick castle walls. The family is rock solid and just as immovable – they won’t go anywhere they don’t want to go or do anything they don’t want to do.

The Queen loves her veggie garden, corgis, family and baking. The King and Princess (she’s daddy’s little girl) are in a meeting with the bursar and the Prince is feeding all the animals in his pet zoo and taking four years to decide whether he loves Phoebe enough to marry her.

In this royal court it’s all about stability, safety and longevity – in finances, romances, collaborations, family and work.

And don’t throw an impromptu dance party in the hall…they plan and ponder before doing such things – no surprises please. Be sure to leave a present when you depart for the Money Family are the most smother-loving, family-hugging, generous folk. If you’re liked (and enjoy blunt conversations and dry humor) you’ll be one of the family now…and you may never, ever, ever leave. Their loyalty is unquestioned and yours better be too.

The Honey Family (Cups, Chalices):

are about feelings, relationships, partnerships and all the drama and delight that accompanies those things – doors slam, indie music blares from the turrets and smooching and romancing goes on in the dark corners of the hall and anywhere else considered viable. They’re also good at sniffing out your secrets but keeping theirs (and yours if you request such). They like the idea of going to church (that doesn’t mean they go).

Here you will find children screeching and rollerskating in the drafty corridors, the Queen conducting a seance (that’s why she’s been banished from the church), the Prince declaring undying love for the chambermaid with poetic, creative earnest, the King listening attentively to the long-winded woes of a friend and the Princess floating around the garden in a diaphanous gown communing with nature spirits (like mother, like daughter) whilst the castle gardener is filled with lustful desire and turmoil.

They’re so gentle and fluffy and tolerant and dreamy it’s like lambs to the slaughter, you think. No, big mistake to entertain that thought. They have the force of water behind them – it gurgles like a brook or washes you away in a fierce wave. Best be gentle and keep a watchful eye on the mood of the moat.

The Funny Family (Swords):

are living an elegant life in a beautifully appointed castle at the top of the hill.

If you are invited to visit you are greeted warmly by a gracious and intimidatingly regal Queen. You just know she knows everything she needs to and more besides. She is witty and her husband, the intelligent King, is just as funny. Their conversation is stimulating, engaging, entertaining and hilarious. Despite the jovial atmosphere you’re on your best behavior because you’re being astutely assessed and nothing that trips off your tongue goes unnoticed…so don’t trip yourself up.

The King is called away to mediate a dispute – he tolerates no bullshit – and the Prince has been dispatched to charge in where angels fear to tread – he has no stop button and is incredibly cocky. The Princess is using her diplomacy and astonishing communication skills to tell somebody something they don’t want to hear.

In this castle the hall has been decorated with symbols of justice, fairness, war and then some absurd items for comic relief. And there in the shadowy, darkest corner is a chopping block and hefty axe…for nobody does a dramatic impersonation of the classic ‘Off with his head!’ better than the Funny Family. You can’t help shifting uncomfortably in your seat and thinking ‘are they joking?’

The Sunny Family (Wands, Rods):

…well, you might find a bustling-with-activity castle and a roaring fire in the hearth but…no one to play host – all the royals are out seeking new adventures and getting things done. They’re passionate about their hobbies and causes and charities and loverrrrrrs (said with a purr). They’re full of vim and vigor. They rally the troops and fight for serf rights and help the villagers start businesses.

The Queen is heading a protest march in a gorgeous gown whilst the King winks and back-slaps his way to another lucrative deal and look! here comes Prince Sunny on his frisky steed with a warm, mischievous grin and a warm, mischievous maiden pressing her bosom to his back. He’s here today, gone tomorrow…but he did love her, he really did, if only for the week.

He had to go because man! there is just so much to see and do in this world, so much to achieve. With all that charm and blazing passion the world is your oyster…and there’s a girl named Pearl waiting in an exotic land. The Princess? Oh! She’s visiting with the gypsies and planning her elopement with the handsome Duke.

Here, the hall is full of jilted lovers and charity cases waiting for the return of the devastatingly enchanting Sunny Family.


Whoa! Steady on…you think you know where you belong but there is something a bit tricky about this – who you are can change (so over any length of time you might find yourself sporting different royal titles and therefore playing musical beds – I’m not saying anything about that royal habit) and let’s face it, we can be pretty good at choosing who we’d like to be…and I’m in charge and I haven’t lowered the drawbridges yet.

Another essential bit of info – tarot court cards are not gender specific

If you pop up as Princess Money and you’re a 60 year old man it doesn’t mean you’re a cross-dresser (if you are, well that’s spot on then!) You’re youthful and like to look at things from a grounded perspective. You only consider investing in someone or something that will grow in stability and reward you for your efforts. Or you might have retired and you’re thinking about starting a new business – but only if, after much scrutiny, it proves to be a promising route to take.

Don’t be offended if you’re a young woman and you come up as Prince Sunny – you’re an impetuous, impulsive soul hungry for adventure and satisfying experiences (wink, wink). You’re also charming and flirtatious and super cute…now that’s not so bad is it?

Ready to take occupation of your tapestry bedecked bedchamber?

Hit submit after filling in the short form. I will do a one card gift reading using the court cards only and tell you which royal family you belong to and which room is yours in the castle (give me a day or two – it will come in the claw of an emailed falcon). As much fun as this exercise is it will also give you insight into yourself and possibly inspire you in some way. I need only your first name and surname.

Let the bedchamber allocations begin! You will receive a private email but please feel free to share any witty thoughts or courtly comments in the comments section.

Thank you for your love, support and good humor!

With a flamboyant bow I bid you farewell.

xxx TeaShell




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