Tarot for Personal Growth

Bear Necessities

Ace of Pentacles – The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Sephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Will Worthington.

Goldilocks looks for all the material comforts: the just right porridge portion, the just right chair, the just right bed. The Ace of Pentacles means the chances of Goldilocks getting her just right are good, the sky is favorable.

In my story for this tarot card, we are both Goldilocks and the bear (or bears). We are seeking material comforts, and we are ensuring we can provide material comforts.

Brown bears get lethargic in winter and snooze in dens, carrying fat to slow burn when food is gone and slumber is long. Before winter arrives, they make the most of seasonal resources because they know they must. Survival depends on being pleasingly plump.  

This Ace of Pentacles depicts a bear emerging from between rocks. In the spectacular, bruised sky is a pentagram.

This is the story:

The pentagram is telling us it’s the season for taking care of bear necessities. To get fat all over again. It’s not going to hang around forever, beaming benevolence. It’s a Divine gift, just right for what we need right now.

It’s potential, but we must harness that potential.

We’ve been curled up in a cozy corner. It’s now once again time to forage and hunt, to smell the changing season and respond appropriately. Our blubber is thin and we’re lean, hungry for our physical needs to be met, hungry for the rock solid, tangible things that make our days pleasant and relaxed. We hope to gather together all the components a bear requires to feel stable and secure, not just the bare necessities.

It means we’ve got to look for, and seize, opportunities to get what we need. Look! there’s the river we can fish, there are the berries we can munch, there’s a nice, fragrant hollow to rest in, and there’s the opposite sex to mate with and make baby bears.

Necessary resources are out there, in the worldly wilderness. Finding and utilizing them is what takes us on the pentacle journey from the Ace to the Ten. In the Ten of Pentacles we’re once again storing fat, enough to snore in our snug and warm den, oblivious to the blizzard outside.

In the Ace of Pentacles, we’ve got to be a bear called Goldilocks, exploring our options, taking action to meet our material needs.

Look out for those tangible, solid, sustainable, real opportunities to increase your stability and security. Opportunities that bring you the desired money, assets, and partnerships that enable you to enjoy your life, to build, grow, and bless the world with your comfortable happiness.

I’m lifting my snout to sniff the air. Is that a fresh bear business I’m smelling? A new cabin in the woods? Or is Granny Bear about to gift me a bicycle? I could run away with the circus and make some pentacles pedaling around the ring. And there I’ll meet Bo Bear, who’ll buy me a ring, and together we’ll build something amazing. Bear Inn?

Thank you for bearing with me. I can’t wait to see which card I draw next time.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

Ace of Pentacles Theme Song

Simple pleasures are this bear’s necessities

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