Tarot for Personal Growth

The Waiting Game

The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington.

Let’s pretend you’re the man standing in the shadows, looking to the winding road. A road that takes a sneaky turn behind a bush. This adds a measure of drama to the waiting, the anticipation, you’re currently engaged in.

Whatever, or whoever, comes hurtling around the bend will have the benefit of the element of surprise, a You didn’t see that coming, did you? smugness about it (or them).

But you’re not unprepared, and you have your own elevated vantage point, tucked away in the shadows. The road is also pretty long from point bush to point tree, so you’ll have time to assimilate what is coming toward you.

You’ve anticipated this, wanted it. You wouldn’t be gazing at the horizon, one foot ready to lift you up onto the rock for a better view, if that wasn’t the case.

It almost feels like I’m describing an ambush.

Although wands are fiery, passionate, creative energy (all needed for a surprise attack) this card is not dramatic or aggressive. It’s about effort and creation that then requires hope, patience, and possibly a big dollop of trust.

You’ve done something that you’re hoping to get a return on. You’re hoping for some kind of reaction or response

Here, we’ll make-believe you’ve planted healthy young saplings in a row, and they’re budding new leaves every day. They’re not Jack’s beanstalk though, they’re not going to grow madly monstrous and mighty overnight.

What’s your pretend name then? Jim? Pleased to meet you.

OK Jim, let’s pretend you’ve had a couple of amazing, creative business start-up ideas, and a little while back, after considering your options, you fixed your heart and savings on one (back when you were standing in the Two of Wands). You decided to open a nursery with the addition of a quaint coffee shop at the bottom end of the plot, stocked with generous slices of your wife’s killer chocolate cake.

As with all the threes in the tarot, other people feature here. The Three of Wands is not a card of isolation. It’s about expansion. You’ve got you’re sweet, smiling wife, Penelope (I get to name her), enthusiastically decorating the coffee shop cabin and baking ’til she’s pink in the face. You’re also reliant on other people, customers, showing up to buy your plants, the petit fours, and garden gnomes.

There’s a wee bit of tension in the air. That’s to be expected.

What if nobody pitches up for your grand 25% off opening sale special? You’ll be comfort eating cake for days, getting fat, and worrying about how to pay the bills you’ve accumulated buying cash registers and plant trolleys. That’s why the sky looks a bit stormy (my theory anyway). It’s the anxiety of uncertainty, and the risk taken investing funds and energy you’re hoping will pay off.

What comes around the bend could make or break you. Generally, it makes you.

If just your Mum and Dad arrive in a cloud of dust, in their beaten-up old pickup truck, showing unwavering support and that is it, they don’t buy a thing, not even a gnome (even though Mum collects them), you’re broken and broke.

If Mum and Dad arrive in a cloud of dust, in their beaten-up old pickup truck, showing unwavering support, and the truck is stuffed with well-heeled retirement village friends who have a Garden Gnome Appreciation Society, one of your ships has come in.

If, two months later, Mum and Dad arrive in a cloud of dust, in their beaten-up old pickup truck, showing unwavering support, and trailing behind them is a convoy of far better-looking vehicles, churning up so much dust the sun is darkened, your ships have come in good and proper.

All these folks are on Facebook, and they oooooo and aaaaaah their way through the camellias and gardenias, and just love the elevation of the nursery and the views, so gorgeous.

They leave with towers of takeaway polystyrene containers tucked under chins, and the fronds of many plants sticking out of car windows. On the way home, they’re all clogging up Facebook with pictures and videos of Jim’s Nursery, and Penelope’s Coffee Shop. Such a sweet, talented, creative, and charming couple, they say.

You are made. You’re Jim the King of Nurseries, and Penelope the Queen of Coffee Shops.

The waiting and hoping and praying and anxiety, are over. You’ve left your lookout post. You’re in the counting house counting out your money.

This card will appear when we’ve put our heart into something we feel passionate about, something creative, energizing, soulful.

It could easily be pulled when you finally narrowed your love interests down to one woman. You’ve been on a couple of dates, but you’re not sure if she really fancies you that much. You send her a text message, but she has not replied yet. You’re standing in the Three Of Wands with those three terrific past dates keeping you company, waiting…

Thank you for visiting.

I hope you’re waiting for something (or someone) great to come ’round the bend?

xxx ❤ TeaShell

Three of Wands Theme Song

The Waiting Game by Swing Out Sister

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