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Racy Times

When the confident Prince of Wands charges in on his sturdy steed with a saucy wink and mischievous grin, or revs his sports model, you’re in for a helluva good ride.

The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington

Get your wax done pronto and floss your teeth. He doesn’t waste time when it comes to getting up close and personal.

You’ll be shooting the breeze, feeling heady and alive, ready to do all sorts of things you never dreamed you’d dare do, when oopsie-daisy, you’re on your back in a field bursting with birds and bees, grinning at a sky that never looked so blue or promising. Unbridled passion. You’re adored and explored and mapped and shagged. It feels so good. But then, ouch, a bee stings.

You’re back in the car, a bit itchy from the unplanned roll in the grass (well, it wasn’t your plan), and nursing a burning bee sting. Your Prince of Wands is attentive, sympathetic, squeezes your thigh, and keeps throwing you sexy lopsided smiles. Your heart is bursting with appreciation.

Pulling up expertly outside your house he leans over and whispers in your tingling ear ‘See you tomorrow?’

But that tomorrow never comes.

I know…weep.

Weep, weep, weep. He was adorable, unforgettable and unkeepable. Ow, it hurts like that damned bee sting.

You did nothing wrong. In fact, you were just right; for that moment, that day, that week, that month.

Flirtatious and charming, sweet and kind, and, without a doubt, indefatigably adventurous (new foods, new lands, new shapely legs catch his eye), the Prince of Wands, whether male or female, is lovable, but not necessarily reliable, in love.

This energy flies in the face of convention and has such a good time doing it, you wish it would stay forever. And it would if it could…but, it can’t. It means well, never wants to hurt anyone, loves all and sundry, but will not be held down. It comes in quickly, turns your life upside down, leaves you breathless and besotted, and then…gone. Adieus.

If you’re looking for serious commitment, best wait ’til this card has grown-up and is the Queen or King of Wands. When mature, they will still be eternally seductive and irresistible, so not an ideal match if jealousy plagues you.

The Sunny Family (my name for the Wands clan) are alluring and will forever be stalked and propositioned. They’re sexually charged and everyone’s favorite booty call (that does not mean they answer the call).

The difference between The Prince of Wands and the rest of his family is: he’ll pick up his phone, answer, and find it too hard to say ‘No.’ There are too many distractions, and the Prince of Wands has a short attention span.

Dolly Parton pegs him down lyrically in Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That?

He’s got a wanderin’ eye and a travelin’ mind/ Big ideas and a little behind/ Out with a different woman every night/ But I remember when he was mine…I just can’t stand it to see him on the town/ He’s out slow dancing with every girl around

He does not have a mean streak a half a mile wide though. The Prince of Swords claims that characteristic, when he’s/she’s being an asshole (don’t know when I’m going to pull that interesting character from the deck).

The Prince of Wands is cute, fun-loving, and charges in without a plan, other than to enjoy life and all it offers those willing to be a little reckless. It’s raunchy and risky. Buckle your seat belt. Exciting times are ahead, and life is going to serve you a dish of spontaneity (or someone dishy).

This energy is not controlling. It’s impulsive, fiery, and passionate. It’s freedom loving: sexual freedom, creative freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to move. And, for many a broken heart, freedom to leave.

Don’t get attached. Go for lighthearted. Chill. Have fun. Keep expectations and love hearts out of it. Have a laugh (he’s got a great sense of humor). Reserve this guy for racy times, vrrroooom-vrrroooom, and make the most of the moment. There’s no holding back with his energy. It’s about doing it now.

I did this post with my tongue firmly in my cheek, and that’s the best way to meet this energy, if you can. If you cannot, wink back, but show it your cheeky little behind as you walk on by.

Speaking of fast cars, Elvis was cast as a race car driver in Viva Las Vegas and, in the below short clip from the movie, delivers great Prince of Wands’ lines. Check him out and have a giggle, but not if you’re still in mourning.

xxx đź–¤ TeaShell

Classic Prince of Wands vroom vroom…

The Prince of Wands Theme Song

The Wanderer aka The Prince of Wands theme song

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