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A Posy for You

Thank You Posy Of Flowers by TeaShell/Mantis Wheel Blog
For You, my friend, with love, appreciation, and gratitude. xxx Tea Shell. Please keep the vase ;D

Follower, reader, regular drop on by visitor, casual visitor, please accept this simple posy of flowers as a token of my love, gratitude and appreciation for you.

My blog is 2 months old today, still very much a baby, and like a first-time parent, I’m learning as my baby grows…and more often than not, I’m the one needing a dummy to suck (perhaps you call it a pacifier?)

I’m blessed and oh! so aware of what an amazing, supportive, loyal, and special group of people I have visiting my blog.

The communication and sharing I’ve indulged in with you, my audience, has brought me out of my shell, at a deeper level than I ever imagined or anticipated.

I picture the tortoises I used to feed: if they pulled their heads in as I approached, I would lovingly scratch the tops of their shells and hold crisp lettuce where I knew they could smell and see it from the darkness of their carapace (or even better, a hibiscus flower; that was like getting pudding before the main meal. Most tortoises go weak on their stumpy legs and swoon at the sight of a hibiscus flower). I enticed and coaxed them.

You have done the same for me. Waving the lettuce with your comments, scratching my shell when you returned to read more. I confess, I needed that. I would press on if there was stony silence, but without the enthusiasm and warm feelings I currently experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If there are any topics you’d like me to consider, or suggestions/questions you have, please reach out to me in the comments section. I’ll give it my best shot in a piece of writing (if I think I have a chance of hitting the target!)

Below is a rendition of Reach Out I’ll Be There by a songstress I have sung along to all my life. A saccharine tune but, for me, the words express that which I’ve been privileged to receive. Many of you reached out to me with a sheltering, comforting love in the past, and continue to do so. My intention was to insert the song in my Move On – Part 3 post, but I forgot to do so. Here it is. For You.  

Love, hugs, and a big, happy smile.

xxx TeaShell

Reach Out I’ll Be There by Petula Clark

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