Eclectic Collection

Sun-kissed Year

A month,

a week,

a day,

has barely sprung fresh and new,

when another month, week, day

jumps the calendar queue

For what reason does time run

if not to make us pause;

to examine our lives,

pursuits, daily chores?

Time asks, with a steady, ticking voice

“Is this what you want,

is this your best choice?”

If I be honest, I must reply

that I let too much of time go by


I open my door,

invite Time in

I do not let it pass

as if it’s forbidden

I beckon to Time

I halt its tracks

I do not let it go

I make it relax

True, it has a bad reputation;

people say it never stops

But I’ve known Time to stand still

when I stopped watching clocks

I’ve known Time to visit

like a long-lost friend,

and whilst in my company,

know no beginning,

no end

Time is not our foe;

it is Heaven sent

to reflect, to show

How else would we stir,

change, grow?

How else would we see,

break free?

Thank you, Time

for doing what you do;

for ticking along,

for making me new…

And a Happy, Sun-kissed New Year to you!


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