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Foliogem Guidance #1

Foliogem (fo-leo-jem). What’s that?

It’s my terminology for selecting a book, closing my eyes, fanning the pages, stopping, and trusting the page I see delivers a message.

Fun and surprisingly accurate – much like bibliomancy, which is associated primarily with the Bible – a foliogem is a guiding gem, not a prediction.

Look out for the foliogem if you revel in a bit of quirkiness and appreciate ‘book stuff.’

Scroll past the intro next time. I will leave it here for newcomers, and those who one-two-skip-a-few and then return to view.

Trash the Trinket

Foliogem Book for today: Romancing the Ordinary ~ A Year of Simple Splendour by Sarah Ban Breathnach

“An energy surrounds and attaches itself to every object in our homes, transforming them into palpable memories, both good and bad…The things stuffed in the back of your closet or the kitchen junk drawer – the past – cry out to be buried once and for all, or given another incarnation with a friend or thrift shop…Begone and good riddance, because, if not, we don’t have a ghost of a chance of living the life that’s waiting for us. Doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the perfect person or pair of shoes; if there’s no room in your life, neither soul nor sole mates are likely to find you.”

Romancing the Ordinary ~ A Year of Simple Splendour by Sarah Ban Breathnach


2 thoughts on “Foliogem Guidance #1

  1. Yoo hoo. Its mee. I am dipping and diving into this book again. Got it for a song at the bookworm. Its wonderful. Have you read simple abundance as well?


    1. Yoo hoo Jeansy 😉 Pleased as punch that you found an inexpensive copy and you’re enjoying it…I agree, it’s one of the best dip in books and thus perfect for foliogem fun! I can’t remember reading Simple Abundance (I’ll check it out at the library and see if I recognise the content) but another great one of hers is Peace and Plenty. I’d snap up anything by Sarah Ban Breachnach if it’s going for a song because her writing is wonderfully melodious and soothing. Let me know if you locate more…and always a treat to hear from you 🤗💖


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