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Foliogem Guidance #2

Foliogem (fo-leo-jem). What’s that?

It’s my terminology for selecting a book, closing my eyes, fanning the pages, stopping, and trusting the page I see delivers a message.

Fun and surprisingly accurate – much like bibliomancy, which is associated primarily with the Bible – a foliogem is a guiding gem, not a prediction.

Look out for the foliogem if you revel in a bit of quirkiness and appreciate ‘book stuff.’

Scroll past the intro next time. I will leave it here for newcomers, and those who one-two-skip-a-few and then return to view.

Crying for Help

Foliogem Book for today: A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper

“The Law of Request – Some people are constantly crying out, ‘When, what, how, who, where?’ They want to know the answer to one question after another. These are demands rather than questions. They come from a place of desperation and neediness, not from a centred, open place. The person who is steadfastly walking the spiritual path goes within to look for answers. As soon as you are ready to know something more the teacher will appear to provide it. This may be in the form of a book, a person or a programme on television. When you need help…first quieten and centre yourself. Meditate on what you really want and find clarity about it. Then ask the beings to whom you wish to address your request for the help you require. They will always help you.”

A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws by Diana Cooper


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