Out of my Shell

What Happened To Me?

Hello my dear, dear Friends and Visitors ~

Have I retreated into my shell to drink tea and inhabit the darkness, never to emerge again?

What happened to me?

My much loved, ancient, faithful and tenacious laptop retired itself after years of hardware and software weariness.

I cannot press another word out of her.

I will publish again when I receive my replacement.

Tapping out an entire post on my phone does not appeal to a sluggish creature like me.

Missing you all and let’s hope that, by the time I return, not all of you are missing. Please don’t go. I’m begging you to stay. 😆

Love you always, always you love.

xxx TeaShell


6 thoughts on “What Happened To Me?

    1. Hi Cathy. My replacement is arriving mid-June and so is my Mom! My laptop was a marvellous but tired machine who just kept going, so I’m glad she’s at peace, at last 😇 I hope you’re well and thriving. xxx


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