Tarot for Personal Growth

Two by Two, Me and You

Victorian Fairy Tarot/Two of Summer
Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone, art by Gary A. Lippincott.

Two little people sitting in a boat, love and water keeps them afloat.

We meet that special, sexy someone and feel a vivid connection that brightens our world. We recognize their significance even though we barely know them.

Soon it’s row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, life is but a dream. 

On our wedding playlist is It Takes Two.

The world would come to an end without partnerships, collaborations, relationships, unions, alliances…call it what you will. Reproduction and creation depend on it.

The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah…

We all know that whoever floats our boat is also going to steer us into rapids and down nasty waterfalls; and occasionally not do their fair share of oar duty, but sleep in the gently bobbing boat whilst we struggle against the current. 

In relationships we talk, fight, laugh, compete, weep, go nuts, grit our teeth, give the cold shoulder, give a present, get on each other’s nerves, plot and plan, stand as one when threatened, play and … love.

We do this with siblings, cousins, parents, our kids, friends, neighbors, partners, colleagues, pets.

It’s not a bad idea to practice standing outside ourselves when we feel a bad episode of me-versus-you coming on; to watch our Little Evil Me conduct his/her daily business.

Then ask: Would I want to marry Me? Give birth to Me? Employ Me? Befriend Me? Like Me?

If we’re pretty good at being our own best companion we’ll be pretty good at offering healthy companionship and positive partnering, which is what the Two of Cups (here called Two of Summer, and below, Two of Water) represents.

Pottering around the house on my own, going for a solo walk, hiding behind a big bush in the garden so nobody spots me and starts talking … this solitude teaches me contentment, the value of my own company and thoughts, the richness and diversity of my emotions and being. I feel at peace. I know that, when I re-engage with my relationships, I’m not doing so from a blurred and impoverished self, a self too out of focus and hungry to do what’s best for me and you.

I am responsible for my own happiness, and being with you creates an overflow because I’m already filled up.  

The Good Tarot Deck/ 2 of Water
The Good Tarot by Colette-Baron Reid

Two orange goldfish

swimming in a bowl

One said ‘I love you’

Other said ‘I know’

For One and Other loving is not consistently destructive, debilitating, depressing, dependent, disturbing, dangerous, deflating.

Both One and Other have a pearly soul flower, a richness within. Both have eyes wide open. Both have enough emotional maturity to respect boundaries and each other. Both acknowledge and nurture the relationship (water, water everywhere: in the tarot water symbolizes emotions/feelings/love i.e. relationships).

One and Other are equals. They’re true-blue partners. 

Whether business partners, romantic partners, dance partners, fishing buddies, it’s the same principle – when we’re independently happy and engaged with life we can be depended upon to bring to relationships an autonomy and self-assurance that fosters healthy personal and partnership expansion.

We row, we grow, we flow.

So, row, row, row our boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, we’re a twinkly team.

Toodle-doo, I love you.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

Two of Cups Theme Song

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