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Hidden Blessings

From goo to “I flew!”

Bad things happen. It sucks.

We seldom think of a problem, delay, crisis, or disruption as a blessing; a means by which invisible forces open a better way for us, coaxing us into proximity with what we need (even if we don’t know we need it). 

What we want doesn’t always come to us when we want it, how we want it, or as who we want (so annoying). 

Hence the term hidden blessings – a good thing results or emerges from what feels like a bad thing. The benefits lurk in the background; invisible, unacknowledged, until the day we look back and say “It taught me so much about myself” or “It changed me and my life for the better” or “I understand.” 

We get what we need (not necessarily what we want) to guide us, to facilitate a course correction, to hold us accountable (so annoying).  

It can be a rough, nauseating, and exhausting journey at times. Yet the rich experiences, the fascinating, lesson-bearing people we encounter, the love received, make it, at the very least, tolerable.  

We experience the best in others. Many hold aloft a light, remedying our blind stumble across a wet deck in inky darkness, easing our lurching, seasick passage through stormy episodes.  

Blessings are only blessings because we’ve experienced contrast. We view something as a blessing when it exceeds our expectations, or defies logic, or comes to us unexpectedly, or solves a problem, or prevents a problem. 

The presence of hidden blessings in circumstances and events – whether labelled good or bad – is what anchors us in place.  

Otherwise, we’d be lost at sea. 

xxx TeaShell

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