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Story Sum

Math – I chucked it in as soon as I could. I figured I had to free up time to read the thick Kathleen E. Woodiwiss romance novels I was devouring in the early 1980’s (my measured guess is: you can fit five Mills & Boon between the covers of The Flame and the Flower).

Looking at the unromantic sums my eldest brother was doing, I shortsightedly kissed math goodbye before we really got to know each other.

My sons good-naturedly tease me about my math deficiency. They tease my mom about her Biology F… or was it a G … or even a H? Nannie has seven children. I think she did very practical studies in biology. She also reads medical and midwifery books when feeling studious. Nannie knows her times tables. I reach for a calculator and ask people for help.

Here’s my good-natured math teaser…

Story Sum by Michele Damstra

xxx ❤ TeaShell

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