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Soft Serve Hair

When I had my hair cut short in the 1980’s a guy told me I looked like an ice cream cone. He was right. My hair was a badly twirled soft serve.

Writing in my journal just the other day, I made a mistake. I don’t like the look of scratched out words. If I’ve got time, I doodle over my mistakes (a healthy practice) and make them look ‘on purpose’.

I doodled and swirled my pen, and then I saw it: oh lordy me, here’s my soft serve style. I kept going and styled my clothes in a fashion I would gladly wear, then and now (except for the neck bow).

I’ve used digital technology to erase my boring, but private, wins-and-whines journal entry.

My next mistake will hopefully have me recreating the offensive, big hair bows I favored when my soft serve melted and ran down the cone. Those bows gave me a crick in my neck, they were THAT big.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

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