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Trusting Intuitive Choices

Covid-19 and lockdown came. A longtime workshop attendee wanted to complete the second half of a workshop I would normally conduct in my home. We had persevered through the first half in a group video call that disconnected occasionally and looked watery all the time. What to do?

We agreed I should record a video (ended up being three videos), and that’s where it began.

YouTube was the best option for me. I uploaded the second session of the Nonsense Workshop with dubious camera angles, suspect quality, fumbling technical difficulties, and a this is novel attitude – it was a solution, and seeking solutions has a way of turfing us out of our comfort zone.

The beauty of doing it this way is the accessibility and freedom it affords one. No need to meet at an agreed time, no need to travel, no need to do it all in one sitting – you can pause the video and take as long as you like before returning to complete it (not ideal, but understandable when family needs and curiosity burst into your writing space, demanding attention).

I continue to upload videos for my faithful ‘writing blossoms’ and plan to keep going. I rather enjoy the challenge. It’s certainly keeping me on my toes and in my tea (I drink numerous cups before recording).

For the latest video you need 45 minutes max (includes instruction and writing), a pen, paper or a notebook, a reasonably quiet space, and a liquid refreshment. Best of all …

It’s free.

xxx TeaShell


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