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Sticking More Than My Neck Out

It’s so hard not to hold back if we’re perfectionists who seek indisputable brilliance before we stick our necks out. Well, I can tell you what cured me of this joy-sucking malady, and has me contemplating posing semi-naked for somebody (I’ve had no offers, but I’d consider doing it if you’re good with lighting, angles, strategically draped fabric…I’m kidding).

Age. Getting older comes with a I-don’t-give-a-damn tag attached. Also, to be honest, necessity.

I outlined in a previous post how I found myself on YouTube, sticking my head, neck, shoulders, and upper torso onto a screen, trying with twitchy valiance not to crumble and quit. Knowing only my workshop devotees would be viewing my initial efforts helped enormously.

As a snail traverses a wide lawn with a painfully exposed, but determined, slow gait, I’ve navigated YouTube with increasing confidence and awareness. My video quality is improving incrementally as I learn new skills and explore what’s available.

The Soul Cards Creation series of videos showcases my not-so-sluggish progress. My goal is to encourage everyone to create unique cards for their own use, utilizing their journal entries or workshop session prose.

Give it a go, and witness how full of insights and wisdom you are! You also get to recycle, and play with crayons, teabags, coffee, collage, and your special brand of artistry (which might mean using an app to type up all your selected personal truths before pasting them on card).

This is writing fun for everyone. You needn’t make the cards to participate. You can just write, if that’s what you fancy. Enjoy.

Witness my YouTube journey on my fledgling Dancing with Words channel!

xxx ❤ TeaShell

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