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Nine Love Notions

A while back, I scanned old journals before putting them in my rest-in-peace-drawer; it’s a dark space, and what’s in the drawer is seldom retrieved. Inspired by the golden oldie Love Potion No.9, I took extracts from the now-ancient-personal-history and created nine Love Notion Digital Cards.

I seldom think about the period of my life these phrases relate to (it took me a while to stop looking back). Perhaps these condensed reflections on my ‘flops’ will benefit anyone experiencing similar epiphanies in their relationships (of any kind). We make mistakes, we learn, we change.

You might recall the original posts, now deleted (I got up to Love Notion No.5)? I’ve done the sensible thing and lumped them all together, including the last four ‘unblogged’ Love Notions.

I’m sure you have collected and stored Love Notions in your mental drawer labelled Wisdom Gained?

Update: scroll down to the very end to find a video embed for your own writing pleasure.


xxx TeaShell Michele

PS I’ve updated this post to include a writing activity video. Whip out your journal or writing pad, set aside less than an hour of your time, and lose yourself to find your truth. Mpwha.

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