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Kurly’s Kitchen, Fred’s Fish

I’m heeding the advice don’t put all your eggs in one basket by making an omelette gallery/slideshow for my dabbles in alliteration (Alliteration Anarchy), and for my tendency to play with my food (The Food Tabloid). This is a safe kitchen, despite pregnant zucchinis and amorous onions.

And what exactly are Freda and Fred up to? Do you also sense there’s something fishy going on?

The Food Tabloid

Alliteration Anarchy

xxx TeaShell


2 thoughts on “Kurly’s Kitchen, Fred’s Fish

  1. Lucienne6
    Love your depiction of Macho Kale……
    and the “softening” process! Amazing what a little salad dressing can do 😅
    As for your alliteration…….I wouldn’t advise anyone to try saying it after one too many drinks🤪Much love as always xxxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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