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Put the Kettle On

Put the kettle on please. Polly is back.

It’s been quite some time since she had an outing and that upset both Polly and me. But look, here she comes! With a purposeful stride she wends her way through her quaint hometown, making her way to you.

Today, Polly has messages in short-short stories for you to work with.

You select a short Snap Story (because they’re short, and much like that childhood card game of the same name – SNAP – are a match to you) and its optional corresponding writing prompt.

When the stories plopped into Polly’s head she had no idea, as they unfolded as if by magic, she was writing teeny weeny fables and a teeny weeny parable. Strictly speaking, the parable (or is it a cautionary tale?) also has a fable element to it, and one of the fables has people in it, so we’ll just have to blend the two and call them parafables! If you’ve got a better suggestion, or know of a term we’ve overlooked, please let me know.

Polly’s visit will take you on a transformative excursion of some kind; gifting you (or a situation, or an internal process) a little insight, a little shift.

Of course, if you fancy selecting more than one, or all three, please do! The deeper we delve, the more we reveal.

Ta-ta and toodle-oo, I hereby introduce you to…


(if you haven’t already met, that is).

xxx ❤ TeaShell Michele

Please put the kettle on, for here comes Polly…

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