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The Hee-hee Dictionary

Liberty Fleurjibberty would like you to take a peek at the words she fabricated for the first, and likely only, edition of the Hee-hee Dictionary. Each entry begins with the word in bold, followed by a free-spirited definition, and then a sample sentence in italics.

If you’re worried about my multiple personalities (Polly Reed, and now this Liberty Fleurjibberty character) keep worrying. I’m sure there are more to come.

Hee-hee Dictionary


The beauty therapist who really knows how to shape your brows. Betty’s my arch-angel, she works at Beauty Cutie in the mall.


You can’t wait to get your hands on your bra and tear it off. I’ve got the BTs ‘cos this underwired bra is killing me.


Getting married so you can make your house a home with all the gifts received. Looking at the bridal registry, you’d swear this was a beddingwedding.


A harsh, terrifying book review. This novel is not going to sell well after that bite-a-writer had a go at it.


The risky practice of dating one-armed bandits in the hope you’ll hit the jackpot this time. He was another casino-cuddle, but she refused to believe it, and now he’s run off with all her money.


That special friend who sees the world through your eyes (especially the annoying aspects) and your eyes only. Sally agrees with everything I say about Janice, so she’s my clonemoan from now on.


Duel Driver Personality Disorder. More info here. I’ve never been to this area before, and my DDPD is going to make me late!


Sneaking food into your mouth while the rest of your timezone sleeps. I hope nobody finds evidence of my darksnacks in the bin.


Daytime equivalent of goodnight. Especially useful if you have teenagers, with a sense of humor, who sleep in the daylight hours. It’s what you say as you close the bedroom door. Sleep tight, have a good dayday-doodoo.


Nothing you see excites or stimulates you. I was having a deadeye-day and didn’t pay much attention to the UFO.


Teeth break away, forgetting what they do and where they belong, leaving you chewing on gum. I’ve got dentalmentia, so no peanut brittle for me thanks.


You’re quite right, it is an insect. In this dictionary, it’s copious ear hair. You can’t hear me because your earwigs need a trim.


Blaming winter for your unshaven, furred legs. It’s cold enough to wear tights on my Laplandlegs.


The ability to detect manipulation. My manipumeter tells me she’s fishing for information in a sly way.


Enthusiastic vocals that convey your appreciation for a meal. I had mealsqueals when I tasted Henry’s cottage pie. (Henry Cavill can cook?)


Doesn’t talk much, yet you can see in their eyes that, if they did, it wouldn’t be good. That misermouth was shooting daggers at your back again.


Offensive, open-mouthed chewing. Hey, mixermouth, shut it!


Periods in one’s life, short or long, where sleepwear stays on all day long. Keep the curtains closed, I don’t want people to see my pyjamasphasea.


The person you can blindly turn to when you’ve mislaid your spectacles again. You’re my specsavior, have you seen them anywhere?


No matter where you, or your ideas, land, there’s a rush of recognition and applause. Bill’s our star-strip, make sure he’s at the board meeting to pitch this dead idea.


A term for those who stay up all night and sleep during the day. He’s sunsleeping at the moment because he’s playing Warcraft with his friends every night.


The friend you can call when you need a lift, or your car breaks down. Sophie’s a wheel-angel, she’s going to take me to the hospital.


Different to clonemoan, but the next best thing if your clonemoan is not available. This gem listens to every Tom, Dick, and Harry complain, but doesn’t say much, or anything at all. That guy is the best winge-man at the bar.

Thank you for visiting me, and please be sure to have a clippsy-cloppsy-floppsy weekend. No definition for that, I’m afraid. Perhaps you can think of one, or have a hee-hee word of your own?

Toodle-oo, I love you.

xxx TeaShell aka Liberty Fleurjibberty

PS The upcoming movie clip has nothing to do with this post, but Carol Burnett is hee-larious as ‘bathwater’ sloshed Miss Hannigan in Annie.

Hilarious Carol Burnett in Annie

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