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Pondering the New Moon in Taurus

While prepping for the New Moon in Taurus that occurs here, where I live, tonight, I felt a strong desire to share with you the singalong song I selected. Then, an even stronger desire pulled me to my tray of cards. I knew I would have to work and type fast to get this out on time.

Everything you find below will have a singular meaning to you. You will know what it is. Trust what draws you in, pass over what doesn’t.

I wish for you, and myself, all that is good, new, and cherished, knowing it will blossom into fullness. May Moon grow all our dreams in her potent, expanding roundness and bring us gentle grace and deep understanding.

The words to ponder are…

Secrets. Grave. Socialize. Mulish.

MantisWheel Word Cards

The quote is…

After three years, even disaster can prove to be a blessing.

Japanese Wisdom

The Soul Card pulled reads…

Meander to the desired destination one step at a time.

MantisWheel Soul Card

The tarot card for this New Moon is…

The Nine of Vessels (Cups). Gaze at the card and feel what is conveyed.

The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan & John Matthews, Illustrated by Will Worthington

The MantisWheel writing prompt is…

The buzz and comfort of hive mentality has got the best of me…

If you feel inclined to do so, write, without pause, restraint, or fear, for as long as you wish to.

The song to sing is…

Neesa, a Native American song in the Seneca Indian language.

As with many songs/chants that are sung in a round, the lines are simple and repeated over and over again. If you don’t know it, listen carefully and bring your voice in when you are moved to do so. Repeat as many times as you wish.

The words are simply Neesa and Gai-we-yo.

Neesa is translated as Grandmother Moon.

My favorite rendition is by Libana. If you have Spotify, you can find their version here. If not, the video below is by Brooke Medicine Eagle.

Have a blessed evening.

A New Moon Toodle-oo to you, and oodles of love too.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

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