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Cups for Flying Saucers

UFO or flying saucer, a hand holding a tray set with a teapot and two cups

When I see a flying saucer I’m putting cups on a tray, a big X on the lawn (there’s no space to land, but my guests can come down in a beam-elevator), and I’ll play Over the Moon from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial through my son’s Rocka speaker so they feel appreciated and welcome.

I’ve been fantasizing about an advanced intergalactic council having an emergency meeting.

Right, they say, we all agree. This has gone on for too long. Immediate intervention is required. We must assist this abused planet and its confused, abused, vulnerable inhabitants.

We’re going in with our teleportation station for the WISCs (more on this acronym later), our revolutionary No-Politicians-Governance-Model that has proved universally successful, and our Freewill Elevation Initiative.

Those who choose not to participate go in the teleportation station with the WISCs. They go to a holographic planet and galaxy that runs on money, exploitation, deception, megalomania, egomania etc etc etc (you know how much we love a good et cetera). They can continue believing they’re gods, that the world and the universe is theirs to manipulate and control. They’ll be happy playing with their power. They won’t know it’s not real.

Let’s face it…

We need help. We really do.

There are many aspects to life on earth I struggle to comprehend, and I have no doubt you do too.

I’m gobsmacked when:

in seeking justice, ‘fighting’ for what is right, injustices and wrongs are condoned;

people do not hesitate to emulate conduct, ideas, and beliefs they claim to abhor in another;

the present is punished for the past. Will that deliver a better future? Is that not what we call a cycle, and a destructive one at that?

The history of humanity shows us that many have been perpetrators, and many have been victims (if you think I’ve written similar before, you’re right – here and here).

Can we do things differently? Can we find ways to rectify injustices that are not unjust?

Can we agree to live alongside each other with tolerance? I’ve done terrible things (and/or my predecessors did). You’ve done terrible things (and/or your predecessors did). Let’s acknowledge this, do things differently from now on, and live…

all of us.


Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing think only of their own advancement and power. They’ve lost their minds and their humanity to the call of a corrupt wild, a duplicitous wild that convinces itself and everybody else it has every right to do as it does.

An honest wolf is what it is. It looks like a wolf, behaves like a wolf.

A WISC will sleep in our barn, wait ’til dark to kill all the poultry and livestock on our farm. It’ll bleat in the morning about how it had such a lucky escape when the big bad wolves who’ve been prowling the nearby woods, being the untrustworthy sneaks they are, arrived in the dead of night.

We’ll rally the neighbors, go on wolf hunts, shoot every wolf on sight, exterminate them. But we’ll fail to see the obvious. We’re feeding the perpetrator on the best grazing hill we have, overlooking the fact that it only picks at the juicy tufts while looking most uncomfortable in its own fleece.

When the hares the honest wolves used to eat have become so populous they strip the land of vegetation, but the so-called-sheep remain fat as can be;

when the WISCs that now inhabit each farm except for one (because that lone farmer could just smell the strange stink on them) give us lousy wool and have a never-before-seen undercoat;

when we cast our depressed mind back and conclude that, since their mock-meek arrival, the other farm animals are, without fail, killed and eaten;

when all this occurs, we’ll raise our eyes to heaven and wail…

But we killed all the wolves!

Yes, we did.

Now, not only do we have impostor sheep, we have a plague of hares that were only a mild irritant before.

We have debt at the bank for all the loans we took out to replace our perpetually killed poultry and livestock.

We have been conned, manipulated, controlled, used. We have been betrayed by an animal we thought harmless, safe, our friend and ally.

We’ll consider selling our farm, changing vocation. And guess who is there, when we’re on the bones of our buttocks, making an offer to purchase they know we have no choice but to accept?


He has left his grubby, tatty fleece in our barn and is wearing a snappy suit and a winning smile.


I’m getting a headache. I wish I had a solution.

A plan, a strategy, that is out-of-the-box, so fresh and new and unheard of, so foolproof, so loving and fair we could usher in profound, unprecedented changes, not just to our physical world, but our inner being, our hearts and minds (no, not a chip in my brain).

I have nothing but words and my imagination, which I am putting to good use – think about it hard enough and we might call them in. What do they look like?

I know what they look like. I’ve seen them. Take a look at this…

I hope our experiments can be reasoned with.

Lilo & Stitch is my space education. I knew it would give me a cutting edge one day.

As will my Universal Blend tea.


xxx ❤ TeaShell Michele

PS This week’s Happiness…

In the morning, I do a hybrid stretch thingie while talking to my Invisible Friends.

The other day I went from touching the cold air beneath the ceiling to bending down slowly to touch the cold tiles. Please help me remain grounded and—— gh-gh-gh-gh I upside-down laughed, sounding as if I was being throttled. If I can touch the ground, I gh-gh said.

I gh-gh’d even more when I remembered a quote I’d copied into a journal many supple years ago.

I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.

Joan Rivers


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