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A Short Goodbye

Hello, dear Friend. How are you?

I’ve been away a while, I know. I have much to share with you, when I am ready.

I am here to honor and record the passing of a characterful soul we’ve known and cherished.

Roach, my youngest son’s eccentric, comical rat, and the inspiration for what I consider one of my finest pieces of writing (A Series of Bizarre Events by Epsom Buckitt), passed away on the edge of 16:55, on 11/01/2022.

Roach’s passage to the other side began earlier that same day, when he lost the use of his back legs and ignored a heaven-on-earth treat – a ball of honey soaked bread. Soon, his front legs stopped working too.

Jee sat with Roach, still living but motionless, in his lap; caressing him, talking ever so softly to his rodent brother, crying freely. Remembering, thanking, releasing.

As my son held Roach in his hands, the ratty chappy’s breathing altered, becoming audible inhalations for a mercifully short period of time. The end came, and Roach’s sweet heart beat a rapid goodbye. A farewell Jee felt drum against the palm of his hand.

Jee dug a deep, deep hole in the back garden. Roach was wrapped in the striped sheet that often played now-I’m-a-tunnel, now-I’m-a-blanket with him. His enshrouded body rests in honey-brown earth.

Farewell Roach.

You were a real trouper, and Jee’s best buddy for two and a half years. Thank you.

xxx ❤ TeaShell Michele

4 thoughts on “A Short Goodbye

  1. Thank you for sharing this brief and moving report on the painful, enriching, end to a rare, tender and very real hope-giving friendship.

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