Tarot for Personal Growth

Quotes for the Tarot, Five of Hearts

Five of Cups (Hearts) Quote Card ♥ famous or fitting words for each Minor Arcana tarot card.
A quote for the Five of Cups (Hearts)

I’m learning…that you can stay in one place and still grow. BillieJo in Karen Hesse’s ‘Out of the Dust’

Reflections & notes

If you feel you’ve regressed because you’re depressed, remember, we’re changing even when we’re numb or immobilized by grief.

Feeling bad is not a bad thing when we’re working with, not against, our emotions. We can grow even when we’re a ‘no show.’

  • Use the quote as a writing prompt.
  • You feel hopeless, stuck in a quagmire of heavy emotions. Have you felt like this before? Did you know then that you’d feel better, that life would, indeed, get better?
  • If you can, find a private place and have a full blast, running-snot, wailing cry – sit in a stationary car parked in a safe, secluded spot; or go to a secluded, safe outdoor area where you’re unlikely to be disturbed.
  • Think of a tiny pleasure you can gift yourself today that requires little effort – a cup of tea or coffee sipped under a tree; stroking, and talking to, your cat; watching a funny film?
  • Smile at someone. You know how hard life can be, and it helps you connect, with simple and sweet compassion, to humanity.
  • If you feel so bad or sad you’re afraid you might hurt yourself or another, seek help immediately.

🤍 Michele

The backstory

Long ago, I altered a physical deck of playing cards by writing a quote on each card. I use this pip deck a lot (there’s no Major Arcana, of course). I’ve started digitizing the cards to share online. I hope they help and encourage you to explore the tarot as a tool for personal growth, or bring something fresh and new to the tarot table if you’re a tarot buff.

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