Tarot for Personal Growth

Quotes for the Tarot, Four of Wands

Four of Wands playing card with a quote on it.
Four of Wands (Clubs) Quote Card ♣ famous or fitting words for each Minor Arcana tarot card.
A quote for the Four of Wands (Clubs)

Mend the part of the world that is within your reach. Katrina Kenison ‘The Gift of an Ordinary Day’

Reflections & notes

To create or maintain the stability and serenity we desire or have, we can take a look at where our energy goes. Are we connecting with people that celebrate who we are and what we’ve achieved? Are we spending too much time away from our base, away from our ‘tribe?’ Are we reaching too far out to please others and exhausting ourselves? Are we forgetting to reach within, to consider the cost of spreading ourselves too thin? Come back to hearth and home, within and without.


  • For one week, pause before leaving your home and…
  • ask yourself the question, Do I need or want to do this right now? Sometimes we have no choice (work, compulsory functions, the school run, needing milk for tea), but just paying attention to how it makes us feel provides clues as to where we can consider implementing changes.
  • Paint, sketch, photograph, a part of your living space (inside or outside) that brings you pleasure: a comfy armchair; a corner of the garden; a bookshelf; the sunny kitchen where you prepare your meals and playfully argue with family?
  • Use the Four of Wands quote as a writing prompt in your journal. Or maybe you want to list ‘things to do’ that will make you feel happier in your living space?
  • Invite people you have a solid track record with (they’re loyal, loving, and vibe with you) for a braai (barbecue in other lands), a picnic on the lawn, a game of cards at the table, or for tea in your kitchen. Celebrate being alive and having such splendid companions to share your tiny, or enormous, kingdom with!

🤍 Michele

The backstory

Long ago, I altered a physical deck of playing cards by writing a quote on each card. I use this pip deck a lot (there’s no Major Arcana, of course). I’ve started digitizing the cards to share online. I hope they help and encourage you to explore the tarot as a tool for personal growth, or bring something fresh and new to the tarot table if you’re a tarot buff.

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