Tarot for Personal Growth

Quotes for the Tarot, Queen of Cups

The Queen of Hearts playing card with a quote on it.
Queen of Cups (Hearts) Quote Card ♥ famous or fitting words for each Minor Arcana tarot card.
A quote for the Queen of Cups (Hearts)

Love lives in cottage or castle. Japanese Proverb

Reflections & notes

Soft, soft, softly she comes; to kiss a brow, mend a wound, listen to confided woes, soothe. Be she in ballgown or thrift-shop find, she’s the heartfelt Queen for troubled times.

If you wish to, use this quote as a writing or creativity prompt:

  • write about love and emotions in your journal or notebook;
  • doodle, paint, sketch, or draw whatever the quote brings to mind;
  • play gentle, ethereal background music;
  • cook and eat with loved ones;
  • listen, listen, listen…then do what your heart compels you to do.

🤍 Michele

The backstory

Long ago, I altered a physical deck of playing cards by writing a quote on each card. I use this pip deck a lot (there’s no Major Arcana, of course). I’ve started digitizing the cards to share online. I hope they help and encourage you to explore the tarot as a tool for personal growth, or bring something fresh and new to the tarot table if you’re a tarot buff.

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