Dancing with Words

Turning Over Your Leaf

Seeds germinate in the dark. We germinate and grow in the dark too, literally and figuratively. The womb is dark. Children grow while sleeping. The darkest hours are oftentimes the hours in which we’re visited by our muses, or stripped of our hard, protective shell and rendered powerless, incapable of resisting the pull of the sun.

We cycle through seed-to-tree-to-soil many times over in one lifetime. You might catch a glimpse of where you are right now in the video below.

The Middle of Middle Writing Leaf combines a succinct pick-an-image reading with a corresponding writing prompt. Intuitively select your own message, and accompanying prompt, for a ‘snapshot’ of the energies impacting you, or someone else who comes to mind. You can marry the message to any area of your life – work, relationships of any kind, creativity, spirituality etc. You’ll know where it fits.

Dig deep when you write. Allow the images, music, and words to inspire you. In writing you’ll uncover your secret garden, or an epiphany that brings you clarity and peace. You might pull out a weed and plant an idea.

This is a general reading. If the insights don’t resonate at all use the poem, visuals, sound, and prompt as your jumping-off point.

The latest Dancing with Words video

xxx TeaShell