Truth Be Told

A Wooden Heart?

Here's a tongue-in-cheek piece of fun: If we were to describe, metaphorically, the material of which our heart is made, what would it be? Aluminium? It hasn't rusted despite salty experiences and weathering fierce storms. It's looks a bit steely but is really quite lighthearted. Plastic? Practical and accustomed to multitasking, it only breaks when… Continue reading A Wooden Heart?

Truth Be Told

Back from the Dead

When you think back, are big chunks of your life missing? My kids will ask Do you remember? and embarrassingly I sometimes have to reply No, I don't. Not a problem if I would rather forget what they're remembering (or wish they'd forget). It is a problem when it makes me feel I was six… Continue reading Back from the Dead

tarot tidbits

Making It Matter – Tarot Tidbit #7

Does what you do matter to you? You work all night, you work all day, to pay the bills you have to pay (inspired by Abba's Money Money Money). The Eight of Pentacles, or Eight of Autumn, depicts a truth: we all work (not always for money - sometimes we find something to do because… Continue reading Making It Matter – Tarot Tidbit #7