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Rash Decisions

If you place me on a slut scale, the fact that I fantasized about being a nun when I was very young makes me as light as a feather. This fantasy was dramatically encouraged by my affection for the nuns in The Sound of Music and by how ungodly-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn looks in a habit… Continue reading Rash Decisions


Take Your Pick

Visualize a bouquet, please. As you arrange the flowers in your best blue vase you assimilate the message. Not a message on a card. No-no. The flowers are the message. It goes something like this: I have bougainvillea and fuchsia for you, and sending you this bouquet required a lot of protea. Translation? I have… Continue reading Take Your Pick

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An Old Man & a Crow

An old man sat on the step of his stoep. There was nothing to be done. His head was hanging, its bald top shining, exposed to the soon to be setting sun.  A black crow flew in, landed, and instructed the old man to lift his head.   “Take one last look at this land,” the black crow… Continue reading An Old Man & a Crow

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An Old Woman & a Pig

An old woman climbed a mountain with a child on her back and, trotting at her heels, a pig called Bacon and, tied to her belted waist, a bulging sack. When they got to the top the hungry old woman said “We must eat something now” and tied Bacon to a peg. The old woman… Continue reading An Old Woman & a Pig

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It's Friday-Pie-Day! The relief of breaking out of a routine, taking shortcuts (no cooking required), the end of the work week slog. That is not the case if you work on a Saturday. If you work on a Saturday - and lots and lots of people do - you look forward to your Sunday. If… Continue reading Friday-Pie-Day

Dancing with Words

Put the Kettle On

Put the kettle on. Polly is back. It's been quite some time since she had an outing, and that upset both Polly and me. But look, here she comes! With a purposeful stride she wends her way through her quaint hometown, making her way to you. Today, Polly has fables and a parable for you… Continue reading Put the Kettle On