Out of my Shell

Brrrrr! Shower Power

Photo by Pixabay

This morning I had a cold shower. Slowly put bits and pieces of myself under the water. I gasped, my heart lurched, and I thought “I’m too old for this. If I peg now the medics will get an eyeful of parts of me I don’t want them to see, parts they don’t want to see.”

My default body temp is such I wave iceberg hands and feet around almost all year round. I have braved cold showers before, years ago. I knew it would get better (if I didn’t collapse, that is), and it did.

It became pleasant. I went what I can best describe as Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd). Not in the sense that I couldn’t feel anything – the texture of the towel was heightened when I got to drying off. It was more like a no man’s land between cold and warm, a sort of no-temperature. Quite a unique, compelling sensation and experience. Having said that, I had no desire to linger any longer than it took to get clean. The tap was turned off in a jiffy.

I was giggly by the time I was dressing, and downright warm by the time I was dressed (in record time, by the way). Somehow, I felt victorious, a bit euphoric. Like I’d won a race or something. Honestly, I’m colder now, a few hours later, than I was when I stepped out of that shivering shower. The shock to my sluggish circulatory system obviously had my blood fleeing for its life in all directions, to all extremities, in record time.

I will do it again.

I know many of you do this regularly, as a recreational or healthful activity. I’m doing it to save electricity. Not sure I’d consider it otherwise. Every cloud has a silver lining. Or is it every shower is shiver refining?

My youngest son has been voluntarily panting and splashing through cold baths because he enjoys them (he’s 16, enormous, and I can’t make him do anything; but he always listens because he’s a sweet young man). He’s the one who reminded me of the powerful benefits of shocking the system. Was that a cold-hearted thing to do?… 😉

Have you done, or are you doing, anything similar?

xxx ❤ TeaShell