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A Bit of Weed

Nothing like a bit of weed to cheer oneself up.

I’ve been giving all the plants in my garden sidelong glances, thinking “can I eat you?”

Not because I’m high (I’ve never smoked a plant, but I darn well intend doing so before I die. I better hurry up then hey. I suspect no one is brave enough to hold my hand while I do – I think they’re understandably terrified of what might happen and a bit suspicious, like “what’s wrong with you?”…)

I’m sussing out my plants because I balk at the price of greens (and more or less everything) and I know I must start growing food again.

In the meantime, while planting ideas blossom and grow, I’m in danger of poisoning us. I’m overexcited and googling “can I cook pelargonium leaves?”

I cooked a “weed” today – dandelion – and it made a passable potato soup. Sautéed the following in coconut oil (I do believe that is the right term): 3 onions, a bit of leftover cucumber (I cook anything, even lettuce, shame), about 4 uprooted, mature dandelion plants, leaves only (left flowering ones for the bees), and 10 diced potatoes, skins on. Added garlic and herbs, salt, 6 bay leaves, and covered with boiled water. I did have to fish out a few blades of grass that clung to the dandelion leaves after a thorough washing and, after simmering ’til soft, remember to fish out the bay leaves before adding a tub of cream and blitzing with my spear blender. It tastes like mashed potato in bell-bottoms, not bad at all; although my next helping will be sprinkled with feta cheese.

A few hours have passed and I’m alive (obviously) so I’m patting myself on the back (I have a creepily flexible left arm; I can scratch, or pat, my own back, no problemo). Before emulating my enthusiasm, please research what true, edible dandelions look like, and perhaps check-in here in 24 hours to make sure I’m still alive-o.

A few months back, nasturtium leaves were the only effective remedy for a persistent swollen throat, but you can’t go wrong with nasturtiums, can you…

(Posted this on Facebook in February. I forgot to publish it on my blog, so sorry if you’ve just read it all over again with a feeling of déjà vu!)

xxx TeaShell