Foliogem Guidance #1

Foliogem (fo-leo-jem). What's that? It's my terminology for selecting a book, closing my eyes, fanning the pages, stopping, and trusting the page I see delivers a message. Fun and surprisingly accurate - much like bibliomancy, which is associated primarily with the Bible - a foliogem (I'm chuffed with the word) is a guiding gem, not a… Continue reading Foliogem Guidance #1

A long long time ago

1970’s Teachers

Ms Raven is old and cross and walks with a limp. I am seven years old and labelled a chatterbox. Summoned to the front of the class, I stand before my teacher. Open your mouth she says. I open my mouth and Ms Raven puts a wafer of pale green soap on my tongue. Stop talking she snaps. I… Continue reading 1970’s Teachers