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From the Heart

Your phone rings and you look at the screen. It's one of your brothers. The brother who only ever calls you from his wife's phone because they talk to you as a couple. The brother who never calls you mid morning. Your heart stops because you know, just know, something has happened to someone you… Continue reading From the Heart

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Visiting Mrs Wiggs

A beautiful, gracious, elegant, elderly women, bent and crooked of body, but upright and brave of mind, has lent me her precious, restored, vintage copy of a book titled Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Written by Alice Hegan Rice when the 20th century had only just begun, its pages are as thick as board… Continue reading Visiting Mrs Wiggs

About Life · Tarot

Pondering the New Moon in Taurus

While prepping for the New Moon in Taurus that occurs here, where I live, tonight, I felt a strong desire to share with you the singalong song I selected. Then, an even stronger desire pulled me to my tray of cards. I knew I would have to work and type fast to get this out… Continue reading Pondering the New Moon in Taurus

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Mary & the Moon

Mary lay on the grass under a full, white moon. She lay there feeling like a sliver of light. Mary is too pale for the burning sun, but for the gentle, milky moon, she is just right.  Mary stared at the moon without blinking. A slideshow of faces is what she anticipated, wished to see.… Continue reading Mary & the Moon

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Foliogem Guidance #3

Discovering something you forgot about without meaning to forget about it is a memorable experience. When I did my recent, unexpected revamp of my blog, I was taken aback by how much I had forgotten to remember to do. I vowed that, if I enjoy doing it, I would resurrect what was buried alive or… Continue reading Foliogem Guidance #3

Dancing with Words

The Hee-hee Dictionary

Liberty Fleurjibberty would like you to take a peek at the words she fabricated for the first, and likely only, edition of the Hee-hee Dictionary. Each entry begins with the word in bold, followed by a free-spirited definition, and then a sample sentence in italics. If you're worried about my multiple personalities (Polly Reed, and… Continue reading The Hee-hee Dictionary