About Life

Dynamite People Ow!

Are you dynamite? Sent to blow us up, blow us to bits? We've solidified, settled into our life like an immovable, stubborn mound of rocks, and you come along with your short fuse and explosive intentions and destroy our stale stability and structure. Bless you, because you signed up for the shittiest job, and you'll… Continue reading Dynamite People Ow!

Dancing with Words

Faffing Around

Faffing around with words and graphics lights me up. I twinkle-twinkle like a little star and stop wondering how you are. Or how I am. Or how anything is. The sun sets, the house darkens. Curtains are not closed (in my opinion, this is the only unnerving consequence of my intense absorption - I don't… Continue reading Faffing Around

Dancing with Words

A Place for Poems

Written by I'm-not-a-writer women, these poems have a special place in my heart. Revisiting them, I made tiny, tender edits, predominantly to my visual components, occasionally to the poems. The second slideshow contains poems penned in Afrikaans. I hit the Publish button only to discover, a short while later, that the post would not load… Continue reading A Place for Poems