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Swaddling For Adults – Tarot Tidbit #9

When last did you take a nap? The Four of Swords (here called Arrows) encourages us to take a break, to recharge our batteries. The shit will hit the fan if we refuse to disengage from whatever we're battling and get some rest. We'll go over the edge...and have yet another mess to clean up… Continue reading Swaddling For Adults – Tarot Tidbit #9

Truth Be Told

Came A Long Way

Early on a January morning in 2018, at the start of a new school year, my beloved 'Suzi' Suzuki Alto sat in neutral. After reversing out of our complex we wait for the gates to close - a necessary security measure. While Suzi idled on the road and I yawned, I saw a boy in… Continue reading Came A Long Way