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A Star Is Bright

Holding an unlit cigarette, he looks me in the eye, a soft look, and says simply, I'm feeling sad. When his voice is this quiet - a thought forms itself into sound and escapes like smoke up a chimney - he is raw inside. I know how he feels, but saying so doesn't help, does… Continue reading A Star Is Bright

About Life

A Short Goodbye

Hello, dear Friend. How are you? I've been away a while, I know. I have much to share with you, when I am ready. I am here to honor and record the passing of a characterful soul we've known and cherished. Roach, my youngest son's eccentric, comical rat, and the inspiration for what I consider… Continue reading A Short Goodbye

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Mildred & Monty

Mildred was hiding in a beam above the kitchen. She stared at me from the knotted wood. I felt her gaze and, looking up, caught sight of her. What peculiar eyes, I thought, what an elongated, fearsome forehead and skull, what a beak, what a... Abandoning my crack-of-dawn tea drinking, I shot to the bedroom… Continue reading Mildred & Monty

About Life

Dove Tales

The babies have dark-dot eyes. One has its fluffy backside to me. The other stares down at my face with steady curiosity, an unblinking interest. Poops are sliding down the pillar. Oh dear. How messy is this going to get? Stop talking to the babies, Ma says my smiling youngest son as he comes down… Continue reading Dove Tales