About Life

Rash Decisions

If you place me on a slut scale, the fact that I fantasized about being a nun when I was very young makes me as light as a feather. This fantasy was dramatically encouraged by my affection for the nuns in The Sound of Music and by how ungodly-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn looks in a habit… Continue reading Rash Decisions

A Long Time Ago

Look into My Angel Eyes

An astrologer offered to do my astrological chart. Exact time of birth is important, but I could only tell her I was born in the early hours of the morning, arriving before the nursing home breakfast was served.   Trying to figure out my birth ‘window’ had me remembering ...  Of course, when I was old… Continue reading Look into My Angel Eyes

A Long Time Ago

1970’s Teachers

School uniform and skinny knees. Ms Raven is old and cross and walks with a limp. I am seven years old and labelled a chatterbox. Summoned to the front of the class, I stand before my teacher. Open your mouth she says. I open my mouth and Ms Raven puts a wafer of pale green soap on my… Continue reading 1970’s Teachers

A Long Time Ago

1970’s Head Lice

On a Sunday afternoon in the mid-seventies a woman named Mo sat in our lounge. She had an impressive afro of dark, course, frizzy hair. The wiry mass was restrained by a maroon, fashionably crocheted and holey cap. Mo poked her long, bony finger in the holes to scratch her scalp whenever and wherever it… Continue reading 1970’s Head Lice

A Long Time Ago

Back from the Dead

Who doesn't want to sit by the fireside on dark, cold nights, wizened and wise and eccentric, telling irreverent tales of your bad, mad, richly crazy days to a circle of gobsmacked youngsters who are not scared of you, or your peculiar smell? I will raise my voice from a deadly whisper and, as small… Continue reading Back from the Dead