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An Old Woman & A Pig

An old woman climbed a mountain with a child on her back and, trotting at her heels, a pig called Bacon and, tied to her belted waist, a bulging sack. When they got to the top the hungry old woman said “We must eat something now” and tied Bacon to a peg. The old woman… Continue reading An Old Woman & A Pig

Dancing with Words

Put the Kettle On

Put the kettle on. Polly is back. It's been quite some time since she had an outing, and that upset both Polly and me. But look, here she comes! With a purposeful stride she wends her way through her quaint hometown, making her way to you. Today, Polly has fables and a parable for you… Continue reading Put the Kettle On

Dancing with Words

Faffing Around

Faffing around with words and graphics lights me up. I twinkle-twinkle like a little star and stop wondering how you are. Or how I am. Or how anything is. The sun sets, the house darkens. Curtains are not closed (in my opinion, this is the only unnerving consequence of my intense absorption - I don't… Continue reading Faffing Around