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We look at someone and think we know... who they are. We watch the man in a white coat counting white pills on a white counter in the pharmacy and think, He went to university and worked really hard, and now he drives a metallic silver car and tells people how many times a day… Continue reading Ass-umptions

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Mildred & Monty

Mildred was hiding in a beam above the kitchen. She stared at me from the knotted wood. I felt her gaze and, looking up, caught sight of her. What peculiar eyes, I thought, what an elongated, fearsome forehead and skull, what a beak, what a... Abandoning my crack-of-dawn tea drinking, I shot to the bedroom… Continue reading Mildred & Monty

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Documenting Transitions & Poncho Knitting Pattern

To tell The Tale of Two Years that unleashed Moving to the Mountain, I have to go back in my journals and to memories of seemingly insignificant, nuanced events I did not record. While growing into a new life, freedom is my food. My spirit is buoyant, floating, and my physical body emulates that. The… Continue reading Documenting Transitions & Poncho Knitting Pattern

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Circling Back

Occasionally, I throw myself at a project, craft, book, only to slip away on a whim, eloping with another that piques my interest. Or, and this is the more likely scenario, circumstances change and my energy, shifting to adapt, has to let go of pastimes that mean a great deal to me. Then one day,… Continue reading Circling Back

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A Seagull Overhead – Documenting Transitions

Ma, move! I jump up as nimbly and urgently as my crossed legs allow. My son has launched himself from an armchair and is at my side, grabbing my arm. Moments before I was sitting on the floor in a bone-warming rectangle of sunlight in the living room, knitting a long garter stitch rectangle which… Continue reading A Seagull Overhead – Documenting Transitions

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Meet Gulliveretta

Meet Gulliveretta. She's big. Much bigger than almost everything around her. Because she is so very, very big and so very, very strong, she was told she can move mountains to get where she wants to go. Gulliveretta did that for a while, leveling the landscape. It was time-consuming, upsetting, and messy, dirty work. She… Continue reading Meet Gulliveretta