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It's Friday-Pie-Day! The relief of breaking out of a routine, taking shortcuts (no cooking required), the end of the work week slog. That is not the case if you work on a Saturday. If you work on a Saturday - and lots and lots of people do - you look forward to your Sunday. If… Continue reading Friday-Pie-Day

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Nine Love Notions

A while back, I scanned old journals before putting them in my rest-in-peace-drawer; it's a dark space, and what's in the drawer is seldom retrieved. Inspired by the golden oldie Love Potion No.9, I took extracts from the now-ancient-personal-history and created nine Love Notion Digital Cards. I seldom think about the period of my life… Continue reading Nine Love Notions

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Meet Gulliveretta

Meet Gulliveretta. She's big. Much bigger than almost everything around her. Because she is so very, very big and so very, very strong, she was told she can move mountains to get where she wants to go. Gulliveretta did that for a while, leveling the landscape. It was time-consuming, upsetting, and messy, dirty work. She… Continue reading Meet Gulliveretta

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Mundane Miracles

Life is mundane. True? False? My answer, when I'm in a happy mood is: False. For me, it depends on the moon and how much sleep I've had. There are days when birdsong swells my life. And then there are days when birdsong flies under the radar because I'm too busy being mundane and muddled… Continue reading Mundane Miracles