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Complex Comedy & Wood Woman

I was tearing my hair out between 3 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning. The housing complex's perimeter alarm went off eight times. When the siren stopped wailing, a high-pitched ringing followed, mimicking tinnitus. As the sky lightened, I armed myself with terrifying hair, a panic button, my bare feet, and my closest friend, Fluffy… Continue reading Complex Comedy & Wood Woman

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Mildred & Monty

Mildred was hiding in a beam above the kitchen. She stared at me from the knotted wood. I felt her gaze and, looking up, caught sight of her. What peculiar eyes, I thought, what an elongated, fearsome forehead and skull, what a beak, what a... Abandoning my crack-of-dawn tea drinking, I shot to the bedroom… Continue reading Mildred & Monty

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Documenting Transitions & Poncho Knitting Pattern

To tell The Tale of Two Years that unleashed Moving to the Mountain, I have to go back in my journals and to memories of seemingly insignificant, nuanced events I did not record. While growing into a new life, freedom is my food. My spirit is buoyant, floating, and my physical body emulates that. The… Continue reading Documenting Transitions & Poncho Knitting Pattern

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Cups for Flying Saucers

When I see a flying saucer I'm putting cups on a tray, a big X on the lawn (there's no space to land, but my guests can come down in a beam-elevator), and I'll play Over the Moon from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial through my son's Rocka speaker so they feel appreciated and welcome. I've been… Continue reading Cups for Flying Saucers

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Somebody & Little-Girl-Shrunk

A tiny child with fluffy ringlets is tottering along the path, jabbering away in Ee-wah-e-meee small talk. She totters past my unit every day and has the gift of the gabble. I don't understand her language, but I have no problem interpreting what it says about her: she's an engaging, peppy, strong-willed Miss Madam. I… Continue reading Somebody & Little-Girl-Shrunk

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Nutter’s Nook

Other than you, the first person invited to my exclusive Nutter's Nook, which I preside over as self-elected Chief Nutter, is Russell Brand. I enjoy his humor, irreverent farting bird, loose-neck t-shirts, tattoos, man bun, necklace, and hippie Russy-wussy-ness. Here's why I need him, and his YouTube channel, on my team: Russell is an entertaining… Continue reading Nutter’s Nook