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Visiting Mrs Wiggs

A beautiful, gracious, elegant, elderly women, bent and crooked of body, but upright and brave of mind, has lent me her precious, restored, vintage copy of a book titled Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Written by Alice Hegan Rice when the 20th century had only just begun, its pages are as thick as board… Continue reading Visiting Mrs Wiggs

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Foliogem Guidance #3

Discovering something you forgot about without meaning to forget about it is a memorable experience. When I did my recent, unexpected revamp of my blog, I was taken aback by how much I had forgotten to remember to do. I vowed that, if I enjoy doing it, I would resurrect what was buried alive or… Continue reading Foliogem Guidance #3

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Creators, Not Victims

Tea is a salve when trouble brews... and I've got good and bad news. If you recognize the post title, you're on the ball. It's a re-post. That's the bad news. The good news is, I've done an overhaul of my entire blog. It happened in a roundabout way and turned me upside down for… Continue reading Creators, Not Victims

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Rash Decisions

If you place me on a slut scale, the fact that I fantasized about being a nun when I was very young makes me as light as a feather. This fantasy was dramatically encouraged by my affection for the nuns in The Sound of Music and by how ungodly-gorgeous Audrey Hepburn looks in a habit… Continue reading Rash Decisions


Take Your Pick

Visualize a bouquet, please. As you arrange the flowers in your best blue vase you assimilate the message. Not a message on a card. No-no. The flowers are the message. It goes something like this: I have bougainvillea and fuchsia for you, and sending you this bouquet required a lot of protea. Translation? I have… Continue reading Take Your Pick

About Life · Dancing with Words


It's Friday-Pie-Day! The relief of breaking out of a routine, taking shortcuts (no cooking required), the end of the work week slog. That is not the case if you work on a Saturday. If you work on a Saturday - and lots and lots of people do - you look forward to your Sunday. If… Continue reading Friday-Pie-Day