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Eulogy Grievances

What attitude would your lively mind adopt if it knew the glittering eulogy you're listening to, or reading, was written by the deceased before they passed away? I think your mind would think it's like that office worker who helps himself to his colleagues' packed lunches and bad-mouths them to management (the colleagues, not the… Continue reading Eulogy Grievances

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Somebody & Little-Girl-Shrunk

A tiny child with fluffy ringlets is tottering along the path, jabbering away in Ee-wah-e-meee small talk. She totters past my unit every day and has the gift of the gabble. I don't understand her language, but I have no problem interpreting what it says about her: she's an engaging, peppy, strong-willed Miss Madam. I… Continue reading Somebody & Little-Girl-Shrunk

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Pop-up Stanley

To dispense with our need for human interaction and touch, the future will usher in pop-ups. All items will be ordered online and require no installation. My wish list? A pop-up partner. The online store will have a Character & Features menu like those in video games. I'll lift my couriered flat Stanley out of… Continue reading Pop-up Stanley

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Faffing Around

Faffing around with words and graphics lights me up. I twinkle-twinkle like a little star and stop wondering how you are. Or how I am. Or how anything is. The sun sets, the house darkens. Curtains are not closed (in my opinion, this is the only unnerving consequence of my intense absorption - I don't… Continue reading Faffing Around