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Where There’s Smoke

The heat here has turned grasses into a balding, crackling, brittle mat; the ground sounds like dry Rice Krispies underfoot. Clumps of locusts, skilled in martial arts and armored up in primary colors (mostly red, yellow, and green), strut around with rude self-confidence. If they're part of the food chain, I'll eat my hat. As… Continue reading Where There’s Smoke

About Life

Have You Got Mail?

There are a few things I don't do anymore. I don't do them because I can't do them. It has nothing to do with my age, everything to do with the age we live in. If I want to go to a drive-in... to watch movies, I can't. The majority of drive-ins went out of… Continue reading Have You Got Mail?

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Trusting Intuitive Choices

Covid-19 and lockdown came. A longtime workshop attendee wanted to complete the second half of a workshop I would normally conduct in my home. We had persevered through the first half in a group video call that disconnected occasionally and looked watery all the time. What to do? We agreed I should record a video… Continue reading Trusting Intuitive Choices

About Life

I Am I Cried

Orchestrating a geographic distance from everything that supports, sustains, and affirms us is a time-honored way of breaking up with our old selves. Still, it doesn't lessen the perplexed, aggravated, hurt, and possibly tut-tutting, emotions of family and friends who feel we've broken up with them. In 1992 my parents emigrated to the UK, leaving… Continue reading I Am I Cried