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Trusting Intuitive Choices

Covid-19 and lockdown came. A longtime workshop attendee wanted to complete the second half of a workshop I would normally conduct in my home. We had persevered through the first half in a group video call that disconnected occasionally and looked watery all the time. What to do? We agreed I should record a video… Continue reading Trusting Intuitive Choices

About Life

I Am I Cried

Orchestrating a geographic distance from everything that supports, sustains, and affirms us is a time-honored way of breaking up with our old selves. Still, it doesn't lessen the perplexed, aggravated, hurt, and possibly tut-tutting, emotions of family and friends who feel we've broken up with them. In 1992 my parents emigrated to the UK, leaving… Continue reading I Am I Cried

About Life

Understanding a Hard Ending

Standing in the debris of an emotional bombsite - heavy, sad, shredded - I did what brings me comfort and consolation when I'm feeling plebeian and pained. I visited YouTube. There, I find what I need. I barely had to lift a finger to swipe because, even on YouTube, my energies are met halfway by… Continue reading Understanding a Hard Ending