Take Your Pick

Visualize a bouquet, please. As you arrange the flowers in your best blue vase you assimilate the message. Not a message on a card. No-no. The flowers are the message. It goes something like this: I have bougainvillea and fuchsia for you, and sending you this bouquet required a lot of protea. Translation? I have… Continue reading Take Your Pick

Dancing with Words

Turning Over Your Leaf

Seeds germinate in the dark. We germinate and grow in the dark too, literally and figuratively. The womb is dark. Children grow while sleeping. The darkest hours are oftentimes the hours in which we're visited by our muses, or stripped of our hard, protective shell and rendered powerless, incapable of resisting the pull of the… Continue reading Turning Over Your Leaf


Swaddling for Adults

Four of Arrows from The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan & John Matthews, Illustrated by Will Worthington When last did you take a nap? The Four of Swords (here called Arrows) encourages us to take a break, to recharge our batteries. The shit will hit the fan if we refuse to disengage from whatever we're… Continue reading Swaddling for Adults


Taming the Beast

Strength from Tarot Mucha We snarl at the world, bare our teeth, bite off people's heads, lie in a corner licking our wounds, claw our way to the top. And what's in the belly of the beast, making us cantankerous and dangerous? Pain. People Are Irritating Nincompoops. Make them go away (roar). The best course… Continue reading Taming the Beast


Making It Matter

Eight of Autumn from the Victorian Fairy Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone, art by Gary A. Lippincott Does what you do matter to you? You work all night, you work all day, to pay the bills you have to pay (inspired by Abba's Money Money Money). The Eight of Pentacles, or Eight of Autumn, depicts a… Continue reading Making It Matter


The Best Medicine

The Fferyllt - The Druid Craft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Will Worthington (TEMPERANCE in traditional decks) What's the classic modern image or depiction of an alchemist? I think it's The Mad Scientist - not eating, impatient with interruptions, whiffy personal hygiene, falling into fitful sleep on the lab floor. Concoctions bubbling… Continue reading The Best Medicine