Dancing with Words

The Hee-hee Dictionary

Liberty Fleurjibberty would like you to take a peek at the words she fabricated for the first, and likely only, edition of the Hee-hee Dictionary. Each entry begins with the word in bold, followed by a free-spirited definition, and then a sample sentence in italics. If you're worried about my multiple personalities (Polly Reed, and… Continue reading The Hee-hee Dictionary

Dancing with Words

Kurly’s Kitchen, Fred’s Fish

I'm heeding the advice don't put all your eggs in one basket by making an omelette gallery/slideshow for my dabbles in alliteration (aka Alliteration Anarchy), and for my tendency to play with my food (aka The Food Tabloid). This is a safe kitchen, despite pregnant zucchinis and amorous onions. The Food Tabloid Alliteration Anarchy xxx… Continue reading Kurly’s Kitchen, Fred’s Fish

About Life

Half Your Bananas Please

There is much of the bonobo in me. Like any self-respecting, socialized primate, I cannot scratch a back without throwing in an unsolicited grooming session. Techniques have evolved to accommodate the pitiful absence of fleas and parasites: any change in surface texture results in a focused, nails-in exfoliation or extraction. Recipient responses vary from appreciative,… Continue reading Half Your Bananas Please