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9 Writing Prompts for 9 Writing Days

Revamped and refreshed, here are 9 writing prompts, in a slideshow format, for 9 Writing Days. This doesn't mean you must write the whole day. Write for a set amount of time - 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, or ¼ of the day - for 9 consecutive days. Begin Day 1 with… Continue reading 9 Writing Prompts for 9 Writing Days

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Nine Love Notions

A while back, I scanned old journals before putting them in my rest-in-peace-drawer; it's a dark space, and what's in the drawer is seldom retrieved. Inspired by the golden oldie Love Potion No.9, I took extracts from the now-ancient-personal-history and created nine Love Notion Digital Cards. I seldom think about the period of my life… Continue reading Nine Love Notions

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Turning Over Your Leaf

Seeds germinate in the dark. We germinate and grow in the dark too, literally and figuratively. The womb is dark. Children grow while sleeping. The darkest hours are oftentimes the hours in which we're visited by our muses, or stripped of our hard, protective shell and rendered powerless, incapable of resisting the pull of the… Continue reading Turning Over Your Leaf

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Are You Alex, Sam, Kim, or Jo?

Polly wants you to put the kettle on, for she is on her way. Remember those annuals we'd pore over as young girls? You'd choose a particular leaf, or color, and read what it revealed about you? This video reminds me of those giggly, fun indulgences. Approach it with the same lighthearted energy. Combining writing… Continue reading Are You Alex, Sam, Kim, or Jo?

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Spaced Out

Venture into your deep space, intrepid penstronaut. Your missions require less than an hour of your time, but are light years away... This writing expedition is perfect for the Full Moon energy, so take the trip while LunaMoona is big and round and heavy in the sky. It is a timeless adventure. When you feel… Continue reading Spaced Out

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Fairy Tale Flops

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down! No you won't. I've put a twist in your tale. That's what you'll be telling the wolf. Why? Becaaauuuse, silly billy, I've made another just-for-fun-writing vid-eee-o. Please let me know how you twist the tale. Fairy tale love and kisses from the naughty-but-nice witch.… Continue reading Fairy Tale Flops