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Spaced Out

Venture into your deep space, intrepid penstronaut. Your missions require less than an hour of your time, but are light years away... This writing expedition is perfect for the Full Moon energy, so take the trip while LunaMoona is big and round and heavy in the sky. It is a timeless adventure. When you feel… Continue reading Spaced Out

Writing Resources and Activities

Fairy Tale Flops

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down! No you won't. I've put a twist in your tale. That's what you'll be telling the wolf. Why? Becaaauuuse, silly billy, I've made another just-for-fun-writing vid-eee-o. Please let me know how you twist the tale. Fairy tale love and kisses from the naughty-but-nice witch.… Continue reading Fairy Tale Flops

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A Claptrap Story

As promised at the end of the Claptrap Writing Activity video, below is my example of a 250-words-or-less claptrap story (otherwise known as a clory by those in the know; which is you, if you've done this writing session and come here from YouTube). Spoiler alert - discontinue reading if you want to do the… Continue reading A Claptrap Story

Writing Resources and Activities

Sticking More Than My Neck Out

It's so hard not to hold back if we're perfectionists who seek indisputable brilliance before we stick our necks out. Well, I can tell you what cured me of this joy-sucking malady, and has me contemplating posing semi-naked for somebody (I've had no offers, but I'd consider doing it if you're good with lighting, angles,… Continue reading Sticking More Than My Neck Out