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You’re Giving Me the Creeps! Writing Session

For this writing session you need set aside only 30 minutes of your time to have as much tongue-in-cheek fun as you wish. On the other hand, you might be deadly serious, choosing to go into a deep, dark forest where a new horror lurks behind every gnarled tree. There's no telling where your freewriting… Continue reading You’re Giving Me the Creeps! Writing Session

Writing Resources and Activities

Trusting Intuitive Choices

Covid-19 and lockdown came. A longtime workshop attendee wanted to complete the second half of a workshop I would normally conduct in my home. We had persevered through the first half in a group video call that disconnected occasionally and looked watery all the time. What to do? We agreed I should record a video… Continue reading Trusting Intuitive Choices

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A Helping Hand

My left hand has been held, holds an onion while I slice it, lifts the kettle, is sometimes stained with pink eczema, presses three fingers to my lips, twists my hair, props my head up when I am tired, scratches backs, strokes, folds laundry, smooths creases, grips a book, changes gears, has short nails, offers… Continue reading A Helping Hand