You Say

“I have had multiple readings with Tea Shell from Mantis Wheel during various challenging times in my life. Each one was a sacred experience where I felt the veils between the worlds lift and received guidance, insight and reassurance through her gift of psychically, sensitively and intelligently working with the energies of the tarot. Tea Shell works from a place of integrity and you remain the ‘sovereign’ of your own reading. If you are wrestling with something or even just want to live a life of meaning and purpose I highly recommend her as a reader.” – Ilze Olckers, Talking Transformation – www.

“This is spot on and affirming. This is amazing! Thank you for doing this for me. I can feel how much you love connecting people with their true selves. Don’t stop.” – Gill FarisPurposeful People Development –

“Flipping flapjacks and pancakes! This reading is totally spot on. It’s marvelous. It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You are a marvel. It’s just so insightful and it confirms my feelings and the thoughts that I have. Loved listening to your voice. Reading was so accurate in everything…so it all ties in. Fabulous. Thank you so much.” – Jeannie Pattersona trusting, wandering gypsy soul on the road to life!