You’ll find a stacked collection of my writing-themed videos below. The first one explains why I write and why we should (and can) all write. The rest invite your participation. You’re not a writer? OK. Let’s tackle this block together.

Do you send messages on social media or keep a journal? Yes? You’re writing. Did you fire off an email or two today? You wrote them. Had a chat with your kids in the car? When you talk, you’re sound writing. Transcribe the conversational voice in your head and see what appears on the page. Give it a go. You’ll amaze yourself. Have some blooming, enlightening fun.

A helpful tip. If the video pace is too slow or too fast for you, go to ‘settings’ (looks like a little cog) and change the playback speed to slug-along or speed-along (you won’t see those options – it’s ‘normal’ or 1.25 or 0.75 etc. etc. etc.)

A look at why writing is so helpful and beneficial, even for “non-writers”
Making this video was a goosebumpy experience for me. Years later, it still sends me elsewhere…
There are suggested creativity/writing prompts in the 2nd half of The Parsley Postcard
A gentle, delightful 2-in-1 meander to your guiding message and writing prompt
Another 2-in-1 video…do the message only, or the writing only, or do both!
Again, you’ll find a message and suggested creativity/writing prompts in The Pomegranate Postcard

❤ Michele

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