Who Am I

My name is Michele Damstra.

I’m a writer and all-round creativity junkie with a mystical bent, a weakness for tea, and a sense of urgency that makes me an early riser (most of the time).

I relish chewy conversations, contemplation, transformation, sinking my teeth into inspired projects, and…


Beauty is what we need, recognize, and respond to – in words, in art, within us, within others, underground, over the hedge, in clouds, in the arc of a rainbow. At times, we struggle to see it, feel it. It’s then that we need it most, must seek it.

This is my beauty offering, found in all the spaces my soul has been: the fresh, the dank; the whimsical, the rough; the darkness, the delight; the tender, the tough.

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Please note: everything I know is experiential. I draw on my own life and observations for all my material. Seek professional advice and guidance before implementing changes or making decisions. We are autonomous, responsible for our own well-being and choices.

Michele Damstra

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