Who Am I


I believe we are here, in part, to

WITNESS our own extraordinary STRENGTH and COURAGE and TENACITY and connection to whatever SPIRITUAL SOURCE sustains us;

accept there is much we cannot explain or understand and not allow this truth to embitter us or derail the indefatigable call to REACH for our JOY and DESTINY.

I wear a Queen of Cups Crown primarily for being watery enough to invite, experience and transcend storms malignant and fierce, doing so with a respectable dose of grit, grace and intuition (and ferociously loving family, friends and strangers on both the physical and spiritual planes); for facing my deep-sea monsters and blasting them out of a hostile ocean of treading-water-thoughts and turbulent emotions.

I think most visitors to this site boast a crown.

I’m also a Tea Queen, which is the best thing to be when the wheels come off anything – or life.

My kingdom is modest, making it somewhat easier to rule, and arguably not equipped for warfare – but I do have strategic outlook posts, a choppy moat and resourceful battle plans. I sit quietly on my throne drinking Twinings or Closemyer Earl Grey (when the coffers are healthy); no fidgeting or hostile pursuits.

All in all, wall to wall, I’m a barefoot, introverted, but chatty Queen (contradictory but possible).

I’m in need of expression and conversation and desire to be of help and service (and receive it too)…

and for that reason I am so very, very pleased to meet you. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. 

With cups of love and appreciation

xxx TeaShell