Who Am I

I am a Tea Queen.

I sit quietly on my throne drinking Earl Grey, Rose Vanilla, or Vanilla Chai tea. No fidgeting or hostile pursuits.

My name is Michele, aka TeaShell. I fantasize about living in a remote cottage with my favorite people. Here’s a peek at the dream:

Outside, we have a hammock, veggies and herbs, ducks and a goat. Inside, exceptional internet connectivity, a dog and a cat, lots of books, and cozy warm-glow lamps. On the roof is the resident owl, on the walls geckos, in drawers a spider or two.

In my current reality, I have special, beautiful souls who keep me awake and alive. We practice goofiness and talk quite a bit. There is an owl who visits regularly. There are geckos on the walls, enough spiders too (a warm one lives in the drawer beneath my oven). I’m working on the veggies and herbs. There’s a dog next-door, a cat that wants to adopt me, and a pet rat that won’t agree to that. I have enough books, but how can one ever have enough lamps?

Regarding my fantasy – I was told I’ll get it when I go to Heaven (it comes as no surprise to me that that is my destination) so I’m working my way to it one day at a time.

I’m in need of expression, enjoy conversation, and desire to be of help and receive it too…

and for that reason I am so very, very pleased to meet you.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Cups of love and appreciation,