Who Am I

I am a Tea Queen.

I sit quietly on my throne drinking snooty Earl Grey or Vanilla Chai tea. No fidgeting or hostile pursuits.

My name is Michele, aka TeaShell. I fantasize about living in a remote cottage with my favorite people. Here’s a peek at the dream:

Outside, we have a hammock, veggies and herbs, ducks and a goat. Inside, exceptional internet connectivity, a dog and a cat, lots of books, and cozy warm-glow lamps. On the roof is the resident owl, on the walls geckos, in drawers a spider or two.

In my current reality I have special, beautiful souls who keep me awake and lively. We practice goofiness and talk quite a lot. There is an owl who visits regularly. There are geckos on the walls, enough spiders too. I’m working on the veggies and herbs. There’s a dog next-door, a cat that wants to adopt me, and a pet rat that won’t agree to that. I have enough books, but how can one ever have enough lamps?

Regarding my fantasy – I was told I’ll get it when I go to Heaven (it comes as no surprise to me that that is my destination) so I’m working my way to Heaven one day at a time.

I love chewy conversations and sinking my teeth into creative endeavors.

I am so very, very pleased to meet you.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Cups of love and appreciation,

TeaShell Michele