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Brrrrr! Shower Power

This morning I had a cold shower. Slowly put bits and pieces of myself under the water. I gasped, my heart lurched, and I thought “I’m too old for this. If I peg now, the medics will get an eyeful of parts of me I don’t want them to see, parts they don’t want to see.”

My default body temp is such I wave iceberg hands and feet around almost all year round. I have braved cold showers before, years ago. I knew it would get better (if I didn’t collapse, that is), and it did.

It became pleasant. I went what I can best describe as Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd). Not in the sense that I couldn’t feel anything – the texture of the towel was heightened when I got to drying off.

It was more like a no man’s land between cold and warm, a sort of no-temperature. Quite a unique, compelling sensation and experience. Having said that, I had no desire to linger any longer than it took to get clean. The tap was turned off in a jiffy.

I was giggly by the time I was dressing, and downright warm by the time I was dressed (in record time, by the way). Somehow, I felt victorious, a bit euphoric. Like I’d won a race or something.

Honestly, I’m colder now, a few hours later, than I was when I stepped out of that shivering shower. The shock to my sluggish circulatory system obviously had my blood fleeing for its life in all directions, to all extremities, in record time.

I will do it again.

I know many people do this regularly, as a recreational or healthful activity.

Have you done, or are you doing, anything similar?

xxx ❤ TeaShell

2 thoughts on “Brrrrr! Shower Power

  1. Hilariously funny and vividly depicted episode! I found it difficult to just get past the first couple of paragraphs! 😅Wish it was just a joke……😥 Much love


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    1. Lucienne6 I love it if you laugh and truly, its not that bad. As with everything, it has pros and cons. The con is the cold, but once accustomed to it, the pro is that triumphant “aliveness”. I’m not such an ardent fan I’d want to do it all the time though! 😄😘❤️


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