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Screaming in My Car

Screaming In My Car

‘Just drivin’ about, screaming at the dark, lettin’ it out…’ – Twenty-Mile Zone by Dory Previn

I’m recklessly giving you the green light.

I have no esteemed qualifications and I’m indiscreetly sharing my unorthodox approach. I cannot radio for backup (I do have a ‘been there, done that’ badge).

You do this at your own risk (if you see red whilst reading STOP). 

When you’re entertaining doing any or all of the following:

  • Throwing or breaking something or someone (don’t);
  • hitting something or someone (no no no);
  • hurting yourself (NO);
  • shouting and shouting and SHOUTING (shoosh);
  • becoming a beast who paces a cage, snarling because nobody has thrown a piece of meat in and you’re trapped with gnawing insides…

Do the following if you haven’t got a better idea and it’s safe to do so (no leaving babies/toddlers/young children or vulnerable people on their own or in sticky situations):

Leave the house (with dignity);

climb in your car (if it’s a SUV – I get in my car);

head for an almost deserted but safe road/area (no dodgy neighborhoods) and

sloooooooow down;


SCREAM IN YOUR CAR (windows closed) – scream hard and long. If it’s snotty, sobbing screams and you can’t see where the hell you’re going PULL OVER. Scream until all the toxic build-up is released and calmness descends (you might feel pleasantly weak but it passes quickly).

If you have a dicky heart or any other medical condition that would not benefit from extreme emotional release, desist.

It’s not something I do when just a bit pissed-off or cranky. It’s like a life jacket – reserved for emergencies.

Most of the time exercise, going for a walk, or distracting myself works for much of life’s unpleasant emotions and incidences. I head for the hills when experiencing unbearable distress and/or emotional pain. If I can’t go for a drive I do as outlined in a previous post – I imagine the release.

I know emotional inner drama queens do not accompany everyone everywhere.

I have most of the good and some of the bad traits of a water sign with a flood of water in her chart, the worst of the baddies being a calm poker face (especially in a crisis or at the center of hideous circumstances/ events/ behaviors) hiding deep emotions that has people believing – erroneously and through no fault of their own – I feel nothing and can cope with anything. 

The first time I found myself screaming in my car I was wracked with guilt and shame, adding another layer to my distress. I felt the need to confess. I told a dear, grounded, earthy friend who looked at me in disbelief and then laughed and said ‘Welcome to the screaming-in-my-car fraternity! Is this really the first time you’ve done it? You know there’s even a song about it?’ 

I share the screaming-in-my-car-song with you here…it’s screamingly funny and has a satisfying ending.

xxx TeaShell


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