Tarot for Personal Growth

The Alchemist

The impassioned Alchemist, accustomed to social isolation, is not eating. He’s impatient with interruptions. Concoctions bubble and steam and gurgle in test tubes suspended over Bunsen burners. He works frantically, undeterred by ill-health and unsettling sounds. He falls into fitful sleep on the lab floor.

Then one day, without warning, Eureka! An explosion.

What he sacrificed – food, rest, relationships, sunshine – matters not.

He did it. The perfect recipe of chemicals, heat, blending, timing, electrical charge, ratios, and BOOM, the elixir, the cure, the precious metal.

What does it take to be a serene alchemist? A healthy, well-groomed, balanced, sane blender of magic?

Temperance from the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy.

What does it take to be Temperance?

It calls for patience, precise measuring, and sacred respect for the assignments entrusted to her. She is imbued with creativity and ingenuity. She is mysterious and elusive.

What is she formulating, blending? A number of things:

My life, your life, his life, her life, our life.

That composer needs this lyricist because, together, they will make the world sing; but first they must meet.

That dog terrorizes this cat because their respective owners will find they share an obsession for donuts and Darth Vader and, together, open a Star Wars themed bakery.

That partnership ends when it must so this partnership can begin.

Temperance blends all these ingredients – place, time, people, events – to bring about a desired event, meeting, synchronicity, catalyst, union.

It requires trust and patience, because only she knows when it is time.

Harmony and balance… 

within and without. It’s a quiet, gentle energy. Rest. Gather your strength. It’s the interval of life. Get your refreshments before the next thriller/horror/drama is screened.

It’s also the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energies, whether within us, or in a relationship. 

We’re inspired and content, expressing our creativity with grace and potency. Try not to fret or force. Chasing the rainbow does not lead to a pot of gold. It leads to imbalance, botch-ups, missed opportunities, and bad timing.

When I gaze at this card I feel relief and release. I can relinquish my throttle-hold on wished for outcomes, people, or circumstances.

It’s not about giving up, or lying in my gravy-stained tracksuit watching Netflix all day, believing Temperance will ‘make it happen’. She casts a spell that works like a muscle relaxant. I can quit tensing up and gnashing my teeth.

I can go with the flow.

Temperance is bringing it all together, for me and you. 

She’s the elegant, altruistic alchemist. The Fairy Godmother of the tarot, delivering the biggest surprise at the right time. Without explosions. We needn’t cover our ears, or evacuate the premises. We can relax.

Wishing you rainbows, fairy dust, love and peace...

and patience while you wait for Divine Timing to arrive.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

Temperance’s Theme Song

A patient song…or a patience song?

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